Leo’s Yacht – Leo the latin word of lion, is the fifth sign of zodiac, that where from our name was originated, Leo’s Charters provides you a premium tour, cruises, fishing trips and water sports for Dubai residents and tourists. Since our home base is directly in Dubai, we have close contact with our guests so that we can quickly provide them with whatever they need for their cruise or fishing experience, this is a Premium Brand yacht charter company and Our Mission at Leo’s yacht is to provide an ultra-luxury yachting experience for families, friends and couples to enjoy the most. Our goal is to offer the ultimate relaxation and excitement for Individuals and groups.

We are based in Dubai Marina, had a very wide cruising destinations, Palm Jabel Ali to Palm Deira in Dubai. Discover the main cruising hotspots of Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah, World Island’s or the Moon Island these are the emerging destinations. with our yachts allow you to view Dubai’s top attraction places such as Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, and the world tallest tower Burj Khalifa that is as magnificent when you’re miles away from it on a cruise and watch stunning sunrise and sunsets experience.

Fishing in Dubai

Fishing is one of the most attractions in Dubai, especially for anyone who enjoys being on the water. Most of the Dubai is situated along the coastline and fishing is a major pastime and activity for the residents and tourists. It is a best way to relaxing away from job stress and it’s a fulfill excitements to full fill your holiday.

Water Sports in Dubai

Water sports is one of the another attraction in Dubai, we make sure you can enjoy your time in the water. It is our goal to provide new and exciting ways for people to experience Dubai from the sea, which is why we provide everything from activities in waters, to breath taking adventures through the blue waters.

We are here to support you and help your trip to be comfortable and memorable experience, discover the beauty and thrilling experience of Dubai.

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